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Who We Are

Happy Studio is a professional audio production company located in the central area of Puchong. Specializing in music production, the company has its own recording studio. Committed to supporting social well-being through music, Happy Production sincerely hopes that individuals passionate about contributing to a better world through literary and artistic creation can convene, brainstorm, observe, train, and produce here. This vision aims to cultivate a trend and foster a positive and active wave in the realm of creative endeavors.

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Happy Production's current operations are mainly divided into three parts:

Music Production Services

Music Production is led by two producers, Ng Kang Kee and Chen Jiong Shun. Ng Kang Kee has rich experience in musical theatre, traditional arts, and religious music, while Chen Jiong Shun has been a producer for many popular singers such as JJ Lin, By2, and Joey Yung. The business of this department includes album production, advertising music, and serving as music directors for concerts/musicals.

Recording Studio/

Performance Hall Rental and Management

The Recording Studio/Performance Hall Rental and Management department ensures the operation of the recording studio and performance hall, as well as their rental services. Additionally, this department is responsible for designing and launching various training courses, including music creation and production training courses, as well as various lectures and activities related to promoting positive culture within the community.

Copyright Management Services  

Happy Production started its Copyright Management Department in 2020. To date, the company has nearly 20 lyricists and composers under its management, and is actively working with international copyright companies to promote its managed musical works in overseas markets.

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